Joining Birchfield



    Birchfield accepts advance registrations for places in Reception, Year 7 and throughout each year group of the school. We are currently accepting applications for September 2021 and through to 2024.
    Full now in some years with a maximum of 20 pupils per year group, we do have limited places in other years, so please contact our Admissions department for further information. A waiting list is also in operation. For all years, including Reception, we encourage families to visit the school and appropriate year group learning environment in the first instance. This allows prospective parents to chat to teachers and staff and find out the exciting opportunities on offer for your sons and daughters. We welcome visitors throughout the year and would be glad to show you round Birchfield School.
    For entry in Year 7 and above, the school operates an entrance assessment programme with a range of scholarships on offer to internal and external candidates.