Birchfield Alumni

    Birchfield retains its traditional values that our alumni will remember from their time at the school and its enviable reputation for delivering  the finest all-round education up to the age of 13.  In an exciting development, Birchfield has opened its doors to pupils aged 13 to 16 through the development of a state of the art senior school on our site.
    Birchfield has become part of the St Philips Education group of schools, within which it will retain its individual identity and value proposition, losing none of the traditional values and educational offering that makes it such a special place to educate children.


    Sir Michael Griffiths, Chair of Birchfield School Governance Advisory Committee comments:
    ‘We intend to build on the excellent reputation that Birchfield has established over many years. There will be considerable investment in the buildings, facilities and the site. A wide range of exciting developments are planned! The school will continue to prepare children for 11 plus and Common Entrance examinations, but we are confident that many will choose to remain with us as their school of choice as they study for their GCSE examinations. We will operate a 3 year broad and balanced GCSE programme for 13 to 16 year olds which provides for a wide choice of subjects in the sixth form and beyond.
    We will continue to maintain small class sizes to ensure quality learning takes place in a safe and secure environment, with every child known as an individual by every teacher.’
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