The Birchfield Community



    Birchfield provides a unique rural setting in which our pupils, parents and teachers are able to form productive partnerships and relationships that last for years. We are proud of our strong sense of family and community and of all the opportunities our parents are offered to engage with the School, not least through our hard-working and committed Friends of Birchfield parent team. A huge variety of enjoyable family events are delivered every year where parents, children and staff all come together to raise funds and celebrate all that is great about Birchfield.



    Birchfield pupils are renowned for their manners, self-confidence and social skills. They enrich our School community both inside and outside School and we are proud of the confident and mature young ladies and gentlemen we send on to the next stage of their education. Come along and meet our pupils, who will show you what it means to be part of our vibrant community.



    Birchfield is proud to have such a committed parent body and hardly a day goes by without parents visiting the School to support their children, either on the sports field or pitch, in a Music Assembly, Quiz Challenge, or in a Singing or Drama Performance. Our parents deliver for Birchfield time and again, through the Friends of Birchfield, and with their enthusiasm and support for all we do. We are proud to be able to serve them wonderful match teas on Wednesdays and say thank you.



    Our teachers are hardworking and committed members of staff who live to work with our children and inspire them to be the very best they can be. An early exposure to our subject specialist teachers means your child is receiving not only the highest quality education, but the most varied. We really do offer an all-round education for our pupils. Our teachers know every single child in the School and pride themselves on a supportive, caring and warm relationship with pupils which encourages ‘Best Birchfield Behaviour’ and tangible achievements and results.