Ethos and Aims

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to inspire and develop all pupils to the highest degree within their capabilities and encourage them within a caring Christian community, holding in highest esteem, mutual respect, loyalty and commitment.
    The Birchfield Way
    At Birchfield, we pride ourselves on our core values and traditions.  We encourage our pupils to fully encompass what truly makes a Birchfield pupil and to strive to follow ‘The Birchfield Way’.  Our children are taught to be respectful, have good manners and to always wear their Griffin with pride.
    These are explained to our pupils when they arrive in school and are set out below for your information.
    Values – The Birchfield Way (please click on the link)

    School Ethos

    In preparing Birchfield children for a happy and successful life, we aim:
    To provide the highest standards of pastoral care for children of all abilities in our care
    To provide a stimulating, supportive environment which addresses all aspects of the children’s spiritual, moral and cultural development
    To promote excellence through equipping our young people to accept responsibility and make a positive contribution to the community and society
    To encourage a lifelong love of learning
    To understand the importance of manners, respect for each other and the value of working and living together productively
    To develop self-esteem, independence and self-confidence
    To maintain an environment in which children are safe, happy and motivated
    To provide a challenging environment for holistic growth in ‘mind, body and spirit’
    To encourage mutual respect, tolerance and understanding
    To provide the greatest opportunities for personal and professional growth for all who live and work in our school.

    Aims of the School

    The School’s mission statement makes clear its objective of inspiring and developing all pupils to the highest degree within their capabilities and encouraging them within a caring Christian community, holding in highest esteem, mutual respect, loyalty and commitment. It aims to:
    Develop the whole child by providing a rich, balanced and varies curriculum and extra-curricular programme, so that each pupil will experience success and achievement at an appropriate level, regardless of their abilities
    Nurture each individual’s confidence and self-esteem by encouraging them to fulfil their potential
    Provide an atmosphere within School which reflects purpose, order, consideration, tolerance and discipline within clearly set parameters, developing a school community which encourages responsibility, friendliness, care and a sense of humour
    Promote constructive and amiable relationships between staff, pupils and home in order that a mutual respect is developed and positively reinforced, leading to the notion that learning is fun
    The School recognises  the benefits inherent in the National Curriculum and utilises its teaching methodologies, assessment and content while preparing pupils for Senior School and onwards to their GCSEs. Whether this be a smooth transition to our Senior School, or to other chosen schools. We prepare our children for 11+, Common Entrance, Scholarships, as well as providing our three year GCSE package, giving our pupils an excellent route to further studies.


    The fulfilment of the core values and mission statement will be achieved by:
    The employment of qualified and quality specialist staff
    Creating a stimulating and interesting environment in which all can work
    Staff establishing a love of learning
    Establishing within our pupils an understanding of loyalty and commitment to each other and the School
    Establishing a society built upon respect for each other and the School, irrespective of race or creed
    The employment of classroom assistants and Learning Enhancement teachers
    Basing all within the ethos of a Christian community where appropriate
    Provision of bright, light, airy classrooms
    Provision of excellent resources
    A professional, supportive Governing body
    A management structure which permits staff ease of access, open communications and regular involvement in decision-making
    Teaching staff who are encouraged to have harmonious relationships with kitchen, grounds, cleaning, peripatetic and other ancillary staff.