Academia forms the backbone of the Birchfield curriculum and this focus is demonstrated in our provision of subject specialist teachers. It is our aim always to discover and develop your child’s potential in the classroom and provide a supportive environment in which they can thrive academically. Whilst we broadly follow the national curriculum, we are not constrained by SATS and, supported by our longer school day, we go beyond the curriculum by providing additional opportunities for Sport, Food Technology, Enrichment and Outdoor Learning. Learning is not a tick box exercise, it is about installing a love, a passion and an interest in a subject, and sparking a child’s imagination.
    We prepare our pupils for the next steps in their academic journey and whether this be their 11+, 13+ or GCSEs, our tailor made teaching will ensure that every pupil is well prepared for the next stage. From Year 3 our pupils are taught by subject specialists, this gives us the time and experience to teach around a subject, so that our pupils have an incredible insight into a subject. This depth of knowledge is reflected in our consistently excellent exam results at all levels.
    With our comprehensive GCSE programme, we spend three years teaching the syllabus, as opposed to teaching it over two years, which is common in many schools. This gives our pupils time to understand and absorb a subject fully, giving them a far better foundation for their exams. We also spend time teaching our pupils about how to pass an exam. As with all things, exams are easier with good preparation, and there are specific skills which will help to make exams easier and less daunting. As with everything that we do at Birchfield, we take a holistic approach to exams, ensuring that our pupils enter their exams with positivity, confidence and resilience.