Academia forms the backbone of the Birchfield curriculum and this focus is demonstrated in our provision of subject specialist teachers. It is our aim always to discover and develop your child’s potential in the classroom and provide a supportive environment in which they can thrive academically. Please find more detail by scrolling down our complete subject list below.


    Griffin Learning Online Programme

    Griffin Learning is our comprehensive online learning programme for all pupils at Birchfield and is deployed in times of lockdown. The programme follows our Birchfield curriculum and is notable for its live lessons, live form teacher time, full prep schedule with marking and individual feedback, physical activity and its varied enrichment activities for pupils’ well-being.

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    Birchfield delivers art, design and creativity opportunities in spades. From the youngest years our pupils’ artistic journey is varied and all-inspiring with our Art department regularly producing impressive scholarships and awards to senior schools. Whether it is exploring artistic interpretation of the world or creating masterpieces, your child will never forget the creative experiences they have with us.

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    Computing focuses on a broad understanding of computer technology and its applications. Our curriculum incorporates the latest thinking in the digital arena and our inspiring staff mean pupils have a real appetite to learn in this fast-paced area. As we continue to enhance our facilities, every pupil in our ICT suite has their own PC, headphones and access to school iPads to support their learning.

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    Design Technology (DT)

    Have you ever solved a problem on your own? How would you go about it and would you know where to start? Here at Birchfield, we can show you exactly where to start and how to go about practical problem solving using the tried and tested Design Process. Create artistic and practical pieces and watch your plans come to life!

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    Drama and live performance is woven into the fabric of Birchfield life and is an important part of our timetabled curriculum. From our Spoken English competitions to our ever-popular theatre shows, we aim to deliver fun and develop every pupil’s self-esteem and confidence.

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    English at Birchfield is at the core of our curriculum.  Communicating and understanding both the written and spoken word is vital to a child’s academic and social development.  We aim to develop the imagination and creativity of pupils, to instil a love of reading and a life-long appreciation of literature, whilst growing keen, responsive readers with the ability to express their literary opinions eloquently.

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    Food Technology

    Food Technology is an important area of study where pupils learn about food and how it is produced and prepared. Working in our bright and purpose-built food room, pupils learn how to work safely and hygienically with equipment and ingredients. Our young cooks are expected to wash up and clean their own areas, whilst also having a fun and practical learning experience.

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    The aim of the languages department is to promote a love of languages and for pupils to experience the joy and satisfaction of being able to understand and communicate in languages other than their native tongue.  Our French curriculum emphasises listening, speaking and written communication skills using participative exercises and feedback to help pupils grow in confidence.

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    Young minds are endlessly curious about the world around them, and our exciting Geography curriculum delivers incredible facts, visual wonders and exciting experiences for all. From map-reading skills, to climate research, to rivers and coasts, population and settlements; pupils are fully immersed in this ever-changing, dynamic subject.

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    History at Birchfield takes pupils from pre-history to the modern day via the dark and medieval ages through a mix of visual, verbal and practical experiences, bringing the past to life and learning lessons for the future. Our dynamic History curriculum offers a tangible, vibrant, first-hand view into the values and ideas of other people, past and present.

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    Learning Enhancement

    For those pupils who have been identified as requiring additional support, small group and one to one sessions may be organised by our Learning Enhancement department and tailored to need.  An Individual Learning Plan (IEP) is created detailing specific targets and strategies to achieve them and these are reviewed with parents regularly during the year.

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    Personal, Social and Health Development is delivered through weekly lessons for all pupils from Years 3 upwards. Pupils learn about healthy relationships, exercise and diet, economic education and how to be good citizens, determining right from wrong. In addition, pupils are given coping strategies for the digital age and take part in regular themed days such as Mindfulness Day.

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    Mathematics is key to many facets of our lives, offering fascinating insights into the way our world works. We equip our pupils with the skills to become confident, logical thinkers and problem solvers. Pupils develop the tools of logical reasoning, problem solving, abstract thought and number computation skills – contextualising maths and applying skills to real life situations.

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    Birchfield’s music department is fully equipped to offer the broadest and highest quality musical education. With a comprehensive inventory of instruments, every pupil has the chance to try their hand at any instrument they might have an interest in or talent for. Regular choir concerts and music events create confident performers who are keen to play for audiences.

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    Religious Studies

    RS plays a pivotal role in steering pupils towards being well-informed, knowledgeable and tolerant world citizens. Our pupils discover some of the ways religion defines our lives, differences and similarities between religions and tolerance for others. RS helps pupils to understand themselves and others better, examining the consequences of their own actions and those of others around us.

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    Science at Birchfield sends pupils on a journey of discovery of the world around them, through practical experiments and participation in demonstrations in Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Our extensive grounds lend themselves to studying aspects of Biology such as variation, classification and ecology and our pupils are encouraged to test their theories in our well-equipped laboratory.

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    Birchfield pupils are known for their sporting ethos, teamwork, leadership and sense of fair play. They thrive on competition and we encourage focus, determination, resilience and hard work; all key life skills.  Sport for all and promoting healthy lifestyles and attitudes forms the backbone of our varied and exciting sporting programme.

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