Welcome to Year 7



    Once pupils enter Year 7 there is a very real sense of them moving up to become seniors. Wearing an adapted uniform of white shirts and blouses for the first time to mark their seniority, the pupils are rewarded with additional privileges within school.
    However, as with any reward it needs to be earned and it is expected that Year 7 pupils will lead by example in their actions both within and out of the school. Their role is very much that of Birchfield Ambassadors  and this includes looking after younger pupils and being their role models.
    Year 7 pupils are encouraged to work towards becoming leaders in their favoured sports and help nurture a really supportive team spirit in themselves and others.
    Year 7 is also the time when pupils need to begin to work hard towards their Common Entrance exams. The exams provide a real focus to their efforts in Year 7 and with input and support from our specialist teaching staff they will start to look towards their future schools. Children will work with their Academic Tutor to focus their learning and improve their studies under regular supervision.
    Form Tutors, Senior Academic staff and the Headmistress work with parents and guardians in this year to recommend suitable and potential educational routes for each individual, so they can begin to focus on life beyond Birchfield. With the knowledge and experience gained during their time at Birchfield they will be developing in Year 7 into confident, self-assured achievers who are well prepared for their chosen destination.

     Birchfield Award

    The Birchfield Award is a programme that has been established to support pupils in the preparation for Senior School and beyond.  It involves a plethora of activities that encourage pupils to engage in the wider community of the School. In Years 7 and 8 pupils will create their own CV and develop their interview skills.  They will engage in the wider community of the school by organising a fund raising event for a local charity.  Furthermore, they are encouraged to complete a log of all the volunteering tasks that they carry out.  Within the programme pupils complete a Sports Leader’s certificate in Year 7 and in addition to that they study styles of leadership and take part in a residential Leader’s Experience, which puts their skills and knowledge to the test.