At Birchfield, we believe that History offers a tangible, vibrant, first-hand view into the values and ideas of other people, past and present. So, throw down those dusty tomes, and grab your explorer’s hat as we look to discover those past events that shape our futures!
History at Birchfield takes you from pre-history to the modern day via the dark and medieval ages through a mix of visual, verbal and practical hands-on experiences where history really comes alive in the here and now.
History comes to life not only through books and texts, but through experiential learning. Our pupils tell us that some of the highlights of our History curriculum are marching, fully costumed, through the streets of Roman Chester in a military cohort, creating World War 1 trenches in our Lego Innovation Studio, climbing inside World War 2 aircraft at Cosford RAF Museum and creating a pupil-led re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings.  History is tangible, exciting and taught at Birchfield through strong visual imagery and a passionate approach to the key events and characters of our past.