Geography at Birchfield begins its journey in Reception through project-based learning.  ‘Our Understanding of the World’ is a concept that introduces the pupils to the variety of cultures, places and many exciting events that take place on our planet.  This form of learning flows onwards to Years 1 and 2.
In Years 3 to 5 the subject becomes a timetabled lesson and the fundamental map skills are introduced.  These are further developed until the pupils are highly competent in reading an Ordnance Survey Map. To enhance their learning, they spend a day orienteering in Carding Mill Valley.  In addition to this they will use these skills on a variety of adventure training exercises in Year 8 as well as in their final Common Entrance and Common Academic Scholarship exams.
Pupils will also study scale with regards to local, national and international geography, by locating countries, cities and natural features around the world.  Not only will they develop their skills in using atlases they will also learn how to research information on places and practise their presentation skills when informing others of their findings.  The use of ICT is incorporated throughout the learning by using a variety of mapping sites and their projects are all word processed.
The Common Entrance syllabus begins in Year 6 and pupils learn about the social, economic and environmental impacts of disasters that occur around the world and how governments respond to these. The subject is kept up to date and alive by introducing events that have taken place in the news. This not only keeps abreast of current affairs, but also serves to deepen the pupils’ understanding of the core areas of learning within the subject.
Field Trips are a highly valued activity at Birchfield and we aim to provide pupils with a holistic overview of experiences that enhance their learning.  This ranges from watching the processes of how chocolate is made and distributed, to the formations of coastal and river features to seasonal changes on a farm.