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Our Summer Term athletics programme is wide-ranging. All pupils from Pre-Prep upwards take part in age-appropriate training. Our extensive grounds allow us to keep a dedicated 400 metre track and permanent long jump facilities. The highlight of the athletics season is Sports Day when pupils from every year group compete in track and field events to win the coveted House Athletics Trophy and break records.

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Cricket is a leading sport at Birchfield and is played by both boys and girls, separately and together in mixed teams. Our manicured cricket square provides a wonderful backdrop for long, sunny afternoon matches. Birchfield’s sporting success in cricket has been outstanding on both a local and regional level, having twice won Cricket County Cup tournaments, beating schools from all over Shropshire at U12 and U13 level.

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Cross Country

Birchfield works with cross country runners at all levels. We have twenty acres of grounds for running practice and the use of adjacent farm land on which our young runners really have to challenge themselves. Running is perfect for all round fitness and stamina and every child at Birchfield will train and run for their house during the school year.

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Football is our Autumn Term boys’ sport at Birchfield and a great school favourite with highly focused weekly training and hotly contested fixtures at home and away. The football season is dynamic and fast-paced and we see many successes for Birchfield each season at all age groups, resulting in cups, medals and awards for our cabinets.

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Hockey at Birchfield is a main sport, being played by our girls and also, on occasion, with mixed boys’ and girls’ teams. We have a large astro-turf hockey facility which provides the perfect surface for training and matches. Our girls compete in hockey matches weekly in the season and have much success in achieving results against competing schools.

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Netball is a hugely competitive sport at Birchfield. Our facilities provide a superb training ground with all our girls’ teams undertaking focused training and practice weekly on the astro-turf and competing in external and home fixtures. Our success on the netball pitch grows every year with our girls developing teamwork, competition and fair play along the way.

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PE lessons provide understanding of healthy lifestyles and the importance of looking after your body and your fitness and co-ordination. Classes are carefully balanced to deliver agility, flexibility and strength training exercises which form the basis of all other Birchfield sports.

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In the Summer Term our girls play rounders, training weekly on our dedicated rounders pitch and competing against other schools regularly . Birchfield nurtures enthusiastic and competitive strong hitters and catchers of the rounders ball and this is wonderful for hand-eye co-ordination skills.

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Rugby is played in the Spring Term  at Birchfield for our boys and is a very character-building experience for our young players. Boys learn age-appropriate tackling skills and compete weekly against other schools to consolidate their learning both at home on our two dedicated pitches and away.

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Tennis goes from strength to strength at Birchfield. Our pupils are supported by superb tennis facilities with floodlit three astro-turf courts and our Summer programme provides many opportunities to play. Our tennis squad plays two prestigious inter-school tournaments each year and has an impressive record of success.

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