Senior Prep - Years 6,7 and 8


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    The senior years at Prep school comprise three year groups: Year 6 (ages 10-11), Year 7 (ages 11-12) and Year 8 (ages 12-13).
    In these years our pupils are exposed to a more intense schedule of learning and are expected to have a high level of organisation, time-keeping, manners, self-discipline and respect for others. Moving into Years 7 and 8, pupils will undertake our much-coveted Birchfield Award which is a two year programme of recorded achievement including community work and charity fundraising. This award helps to develop a strong social conscience, positivity, resilience and leadership skills.
    From September 2021, our Year 7 class will be based in the splendour of Beamish House, with the benefit of a separate learning area, breakout rooms and their own breaktime areas. For more information on our plans for the senior school (Years 9 to 11), please contact the school. 


    Fees - Years 6, 7 & 8

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    Year 6

    Year 6 is a pivotal year in terms of choosing the most appropriate educational route.  Children are given responsibility and much is expected from them in terms of appropriate behaviour, manners and self-discipline.

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    Year 7

    In Year 7 there is a very real sense of pupils moving up to become Seniors. Wearing a new uniform for the first time to mark their seniority, pupils are rewarded with special privileges. Year 7 pupils should lead by example and their role is very much that of Birchfield Ambassadors, including looking after younger pupils and being excellent role models.

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    Year 8

    Year 8 is a very special year at Birchfield.  This academic year delivers a potent mix of hard, focused work in the classroom, supreme effort on the sports field, teamwork and leadership, responsibilities and privileges ahead of moving to the next step of their education.

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