Lego Education



    Birchfield School is proud to have been the very first Prep School in the UK to open a dedicated Lego Innovation Studio in 2015 to much acclaim. All pupils experience Lego Education during their time with is and many subjects can be enhanced by working with Lego. Building blocks and imagination applied to academic subjects creates new ways of thinking and analysing information and strong memory anchors for subject material. Not to mention, it’s great fun too!
    Lego allows children to solve problems independently whilst maintaining a high level of engagement with the teacher and a focus on the subject matter. In History, our Prep school pupils model World War 1 trench systems and present their models with relevant facts. In Science, Senior pupils use coding skills to program robots in a real world context and in Pre -Prep pupils have the system and the means to invent, using their imaginations, all manner of machinery to solve every day challenges.
    Our state-of-the-art Innovation Studio provides a light-filled colourful space to be creative and is a wonderful environment to learn and play within the curriculum and after school.