Birchfield Sports Teams Selection Policy 

The Sports Department recognises the need to work towards an inclusive approach that enables as many pupils as possible to represent the School.

Pupils are much happier if they are part of a team that is playing well and is successful. Good results on the playing-field often have a beneficial effect in the classroom.

The following guidelines will be applied

• Fundamentally selection will be based on merit alone for 1st and U11 teams.  The coaches will be expected to pick a team which they views as their strongest available selection.  For other teams an inclusive approach will be adopted.  Where permitted by the sport’s governing federation boys and girls will play up on ability.  Girls are able to be selected for cricket on merit in line with ECCB guidelines, when not required for rounders fixtures.

• Team coaches will use their professionalism and experience to pick the appropriate teams to represent the school at all age levels using the above criteria.

• There will be some flexibility in Year 4 where it is hoped that all pupils will represent the school in at least one of the major sports. 

• It is not feasible to expect that every boy or parent will be wholly satisfied with team selection. The Director of Sport will address any concerns.

• All results will be made public (newsletter, website, assembly reports etc).

• If a pupil is selected as substitute (most teams will have one substitute) then they will look forward to playing at least some of the match.