Senior School Links

Having made the excellent decision to send your child(ren) to Birchfield, the next decision you have to make is the important choice of senior school and at what age.  One of the great successes of Birchfield is that we have no path to the door of any particular senior school.  This allows pupils to grow and blossom to their full potential in the direction that they are best suited.

Adams' Grammar School -

Adcote School -

Bedstone College -

Bromsgrove School -

Ellesmere College -

Kind Edward's School, Birmingham -

Malvern College -

Newport High School -

Old Swinford Hospital -

Oswestry School -

Oundle School -

Repton School -

Royal Wolverhampton School -

Rugby School -

Shrewsbury High School -

Shrewsbury School -

St Dominic's High School for Girls -

Tettenhall College -

Uppingham -

Wolverhampton Grammar School -

Wrekin College -