Senior - 6, 7 & 8

In the Senior School (Years 6 to 8) classes remain small and pupils are grouped into ability sets for Maths, English, Science and French in order to maximise their learning potential.  Educational trips and visits are organised for all age groups during the year to support the work carried out in the classroom.

Learning Enhancement

For those who are less confident in a particular area, an experienced Learning Enhancement team is on hand (as they are throughout the Pre-Prep and Prep School) to offer support and personalised learning, enjoying an enviable reputation for helping those in their care.  Details of Learning Enhancement charges are available from the School Office.

Scholarship Year

For those demonstrating strong academic prowess a scholarship form is in place during the final years and, as members of the National Association for Gifted Children, we are able to stretch the most talented of pupils.

Senior Schools

In the Senior School the pupils are prepared for a wide range of senior independent schools, both local and national, day and boarding.  We encourage pupils to leave at the age of 13, although 11+ examinations for entry to the local grammar schools can also be taken.

We have a superb record of our pupils gaining scholarships and exhibitions to a variety of senior schools and also for our pupils securing entry into their first-choice senior schools.

Birchfield Award

In order to promote initiative, responsibility and leadership skills, our pupils aged 11 - 13 undertake the Birchfield Award, a format very similar to the Duke of Edinburgh Award, with bronze, silver and gold standards in six key arenas.


Boarding is very popular with our older pupils. 

Reasons to stay at Birchfield

"You should stay at Birchfield for many different reasons.  Classes are smaller and therefore you get more attention in class and a better chance of getting good grades for your senior school.  Sports here are fanastic and with the samll number of pupils you have a really good chance of getting into the 1st teams.  Also the teachers give you great support in sport, academics and disabilities.  The School has great results in getting pupils scholarships, CE results and into your first choice school" . William Davies

"I stayed at Birchfield School because of the great opportunities it opened up in my world; academically and in sport.  I have made many great friends at Birchfield".  Hunter Hahnemann

"The advantages for staying at Birchfield to 13; from personal experience the support is amazing.  The teachers focus on your weak areas and try to enhance your skills.  Moving school at 11+ is wrong; your teachers know your weaknesses and your advantages, so moving would be a disadvantage for yourself.  Over the years at Birchfield the teachers build a relationship with the pupils; this relationship is the key tosuccess in exams". Henry Bradshaw

"I stayed at Birchfield till I was 13 because of all the opportunities that Birchfield could provide me with in the future.  The homely and family feel at Birchfield is something that is very rare to feel at a school and it helps everyone to enjoy the advantages of Birchfield.  My parents recognised all of these qualities and that Birchfield was the best place for me to spend my last 2 years". Bertie Davis

"I stayed on at Birchfield School because I excelled at sport and knew that if I stayed I would get even better.  I value academic success and as I wanted to go to Shrewsbury School I stayed on.  Not only did I pass my Common Entrance to Shrewsbury but I managed to get a Sports Scholarship as well.  It was a very good idea to stay on at Birchfield School".  Charlie Tait-Harris