Parent Feedback


    The small class sizes of Birchfield have worked so effectively for our son. His teachers really know him and have time to spend with him and notice what he is doing. There is no doubt that this is beneficial for early education.
    Mr and Mrs B 2018


    Coming to Birchfield has been such an amazing opportunity and experience for our children and we are so impressed on a regular basis! Thank you so much.
    Mr and Mrs W 2018


    ‘We couldn’t be happier with the decision to send our daughters to a co-educational school. They have reached their full potential in the classroom and are at ease with their male peers. This gives them a true sense of the real world and will give them the confidence they need for their careers ahead. Walking through the gates at Birchfield, there is an instant sense of tradition & pride. 
    Mr and Mrs H 2018


    ‘Our son has spent his whole childhood at Birchfield and it has been the happiest one imaginable. He will never forget his time here, the teachers he has worked with, or the great friends he has made. He leaves a confident, respectful, well-mannered young man with a high achievement record and a love of learning. Thank you Birchfield for all you have done for us.’
    Mr and Mrs P 2018


    ‘Birchfield showed its true colours in the final two years (7 & 8), turning our shy and hesitant son into a confident, self-assured scholar ready for the challenges of senior school. There was no greater start in life we could have given our children than Birchfield.’
    Mr and Mrs T 2018


    ‘Birchfield has exceeded our expectations in producing fine young ladies of our daughters. We have sent our daughters to Birchfield School, not just to learn the attributes of Maths and Science but to be schooled in all aspects of life, giving them a rounded education to be well-equipped for life.’
    Mr and Mrs H 2018


    ‘Birchfield offered our son an excellent all-round education. We chose Birchfield for its rural location, small class sizes, excellent facilities and good pastoral care.  The range of sport and extracurricular activities is excellent and enabled our son to develop both team work and leadership skills together with the ability to participate in sports at house, team and county level. 
    Mr and Mrs S 2018


    ‘We have found that many lifelong friendships are made at Birchfield, and not only for the pupils.  Year groups mix easily together, encouraging the children to become part of one big family.’
    Mr and Mrs H 2018


    ‘My husband and I chose Birchfield because of the individual tailored education for our child. Small classes with specialist teaching staff for all subjects has provided our child with a personalised experience. Coupled with the diverse and rich curriculum, sporting opportunities and the huge breadth of after-school activities and clubs, we think Birchfield is the perfect recipe for an all-round but personally tailored education.’
    Mr and Mrs N 2018


    ‘Our daughter has been able to pursue her passion for music and drama through taking part in many performances and singing events.  Birchfield has equipped our daughter with a strong learning ethos and important skills that have allowed her to excel academically. She has had the opportunity to learn so many different sports; Hockey, Netball, Cross Country, Swimming, Rounders, Cricket to name a few.
    Mr and Mrs C 2017


    Birchfield has offered everything we could have asked for as a foundation for our daughter and even more. It is a very special place, with wonderfully caring staff and a fun environment to learn in.’
    Mr and Mrs L 2017


    ‘On relocating as a family  just before our daughter was due to start school for the first time, we fell upon the gem that is Birchfield School and what a brilliant find it has been. As parents, we have been consistently impressed by the genuine care and quality of teaching evident across the school.
    Mr and Mrs C 2017