Prep - 3, 4 & 5

After Pre-Prep, the pupils progress into Prep School.  Here a greater level of independence is developed as pupils start to move around the School.  In Years 3 and 4 the form tutor will also be the form tutor who undertakes most of the teaching in that class.  Once in the Senior School there is more teaching by subject specialists.  This gradual movement away from one teacher allows the pupils to develop their independence and organisational skills.

For those pupils who need a little help, an experience Learning Enhancement team is on hand to offer support and personalised learning.  Details of Learning Enhancement charges are available from the School Office.

Educational visits and guest speakers in the classroom play an important and integral part of the curriculum providing valuable experience for pupils.

The House Point system is now introduced, allowing pupils to collect House Points for individual targets and awards, at the same time fostering teamwork and co-operation as each House vies for success.

An exciting and varied range of after-school activities enriches the curriculum base yet further and all pupils are encouraged to take part.