Outstanding Pastoral Care



    Here at Birchfield School, we pride ourselves on our happy pupils, who are supported by a network of dedicated staff. Pastoral care is at the heart of everything we do and we are proud of our consistent record of excellence in this area as judged by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.
    We are committed to ensuring that every one of our pupils is known and equally valued as an individual within our community and as such, each pupil has the support of a Form Tutor each year who looks after their immediate wellbeing and their academic studies. Tutors are committed to ensuring each of the children in their care is happy and feels confident to express their views and share any concerns about school life.
    A culture of approachability, warmth and openness between staff and pupils is undoubtedly influential in delivering our happy, confident and grounded children. Outside the school, we welcome our close links with Albrighton Parish Church and the Reverend Mary Thomas and her team. Reverend Mary delivers engaging whole school assemblies at Birchfield during the school year and welcomes all our community to the church at Christmas for our annual carol service and prayers.
    In the Pre-Prep and Prep school (Reception – Year 5), our Form Tutors welcome communication at any time about the children in their care and they are usually the first people to be contacted in the case of a query.
    Whilst Form Tutors take on a similar role in the Senior School (Years 6 – 8), each pupil is also assigned an Academic Tutor who is directly responsible for their care along both academic and pastoral pathways.  Communication with parents, pupils and Academic Tutors will be regular with weekly meetings and encouragement given to help pupils to aspire to success.  Parents are encouraged to liaise with their pupil’s Academic Tutor on a regular basis and the partnership between the School and parents thrives as a result.
    In addition to the Tutor system, each pupil in Year 3 and above is allocated to one of three Houses for the whole of their school life at Birchfield: Brelades, Brown or Watson.  Our pupils develop feelings of belonging and pride, and a deep-seated loyalty to their House during their journey at Birchfield.  Each term sees many hotly contested events with older and younger pupils working together in their House teams and providing mutual support. Peer support forms the backbone of our House system and is proven to build pupils’ self-confidence at school from an early age. Each House is headed up by a House Tutor who helps to mentor pupils and encourage participation in House events.
    Pastoral care is the responsibility of all staff at Birchfield School and we strive each day for the very highest standards throughout the school.