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Birchfield’s music department is fully equipped to offer the broadest and highest quality musical education. With a truly comprehensive inventory of instruments, including everything from cellos to samba drums to saxophones, to a full compliment of classroom keyboards, every child will have a chance to try their hand at any instrument they might have an interest in or talent for. Aside from the hotly-contested House Music competition, children have opportunities to show off their skills in regular assemblies and at the end of term concerts.
Musical tuition is ever-popular at Birchfield, both for singing and the playing of instruments, with pupils working towards grades and examinations throughout each term.
Last but not least, the School Choir, an important part of the Birchfield community, rehearses weekly for performances both in and out of school, the highlight of which is our annual trip to Young Voices in Birmingham. All pupils throughout the school sing hymns in assemblies using our special Birchfield Hymn Books and our singing community is thriving, with even the staff choir performing alongside pupils at special events.