Food Technology



    Food Technology is an important area of study where children learn about food and how it is produced and prepared. The children in Years 3 to 6 work in our bright and purpose-built food room, learning how to work safely and hygienically with fresh, seasonal ingredients and kitchen equipment. Years 4 to 8 have weekly food lessons that may be theoretical or practical in nature. The lessons are largely practical, making dishes that are age-appropriate and focusing a range of skills, from using simple equipment to perfecting knife skills or piping and decorating with older children. The children are expected to wash up and clean their own areas and become familiar with how to work in a high-risk area, whilst also having a great learning experience.
    Some examples of dishes cooked by our pupils are tomato soup, chicken and mango pittas, carrot cake and fresh pasta. Wherever possible our lessons are supported by learning about food provenance and sustainability, and we have also grown our own herbs and vegetables using our own greenhouse.