Thomas Merton
Birchfield’s Art department is a thriving and dynamic environment in which our pupils may express themselves creatively in a huge variety of ways. Our Head of Art is passionate in believing that every child can become an artist and their journey at Birchfield will be one of excitement and achievement. 
Could it be you? Could you be holding back your identity and be the enigmatic artist known as Banksy? Well perhaps not just yet but what does your artistic future hold? Who knows? But one thing is for sure; you could be giving yourself the best opportunity to be the best you can as you embark on an amazing and all-inspiring artistic journey through Birchfield School. We embrace the wonderful talents of days gone by as we look at and are inspired by well-known and famous painters of the past and very much the present. Art knows very few boundaries and we too want our pupils to experiment and find their own way as young artists.
Of course you need some skills to get you going and our Art Department has the specialist teaching and resources to give our pupils a guiding hand to reach their highest achievable level of artistic development and success.  Photography, Animation, Ceramics, Textiles, Print-making and Sculpture are just a few areas you will work in but be ready to express yourself in a wide range of drawing and painting materials, yes, including Graffiti too, as we search to bring out the artist in every pupil.
There are many inspiring trips too, including a long but rewarding trip to Cornwall and the home of British Art. Here, pupils will see the Tate and Hepworth Galleries as well as working on the very coastlines that Frost, Nicholson, Stanhope-Forbes and Hitchens have before. Local galleries are popular too and trips to the award winning Walsall, Wolverhampton and Birmingham Galleries are frequent. And if you still want more, then occasional Saturday Art Classes are available too.
Art is alive and kicking at Birchfield and you can be the next new kid on the block if you have the passion and desire to reach your full potential.